as a follower of the way and an apprentice of Jesus, my mission is simple: To love God with my whole heart and love my neighbor as my self. Join me on this Journey.

Hello! My name is Matthew Gillette. I am a 30 something follower of Jesus. I love my wife, our neighbors, and our city. Let me expand on that. My beautiful wife Abby and I live in Alexandria, VA. Where I am a neighbor, friend, missionary, practitioner, ordained minister, social activist, community organizer, and hopeful social entrepreneur.

I focus my energies and time on cultivating fresh expressions of faith in my neighborhood and other neighborhoods around my city, region, and the nation.

As a pastor, I am currently dreaming with a small group of neighbors and friends what a faith community that in centered around formation, mission, and community could look like in our context.

As the Executive Director and co-founder of Restore Alexandria, a small faith based community development nonprofit, I empower my neighbors and strengthen different communities and neighborhoods around the City of Alexandria using an asset based community development model.

As a staff member of Casa Chirilagua, I love and serve alongside a predominantly Central American Latino community in Alexandria, Va. We bring our community together through life-giving friendships and through our programs like kids and teens club, mentoring, neighborhood leadership development, parent engagement and family strengthening.

As a regional connector with the Parish Collective, I identify, connect, and resources followers of Jesus that desire to grow the fabric of love and care in their neighborhood.

I also have the opportunity to be a pastor to the city, seek peace and justice for those around me, and be a catalyst for incarnational discipleship moments and new faith communities in and around the Metro DC area.

When I have some free time you might find my head in a book, in the kitchen, or out with my wife exploring our city on one of our “urban” hikes. I also keep myself busy by cheering on my favorite soccer teams, in the garden (I am a want-a-be farmer), listening to music, and sipping on some great peach ice tea.

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My deepest awareness of myself is that I am deeply loved by Jesus Christ and I have done nothing to earn it or deserve it.
— Brennan Manning