If you’ve made it here you’re most likely someone I have met is “real” life or someone who interested in what is found at the crossroads of faith and the neighborhood

Either way. I am glad you are here. Because we are an important part of each others journey. I started this site over 10 years ago and like most things it has grown and matured with me. Today it contains a central place for people to get to know me a little better (about), to connect people with many of the things I am involved with (partners, endeavors), write about the things found at the intersection of faith and the neighborhood (blog), provide resources to those who are interested in following Jesus in their neighborhood or place (resources), and join with me in partnership to enable to continue to give my self to my work (partnership).


About Me

My name is Matthew Gillette. I am a 30 something follower of Jesus. I love my wife, our neighbors, and our city. Let me expand on that. My beautiful wife Abby and I live in Alexandria, VA.



You can generally organize my work into four categories; Local Church, Community Development, City Work, and Regional/National Work.

I find that cultivating a sense of place as the exclusive and irreplaceable setting for following Jesus is even more difficult than persuading men and women of the truth of the message of Jesus.
— Eugene Peterson